Our Past Work

Past Work

Look into some of the work we have completed in our community so far as a studio!


Cubic is a platform to connect students in search of storage space with residents of WashU’s surrounding neighborhoods. We aim to provide a simple system for students to find a low-cost, convenient alternative to overpriced summer storage options and a means for homeowners to better utilize the unused space in their homes. We hope this leads to less waste at move-out time, and a better, more trusting relationship between the WashU campus and its neighbors.

Say Hey

This project was a self-initiated mental health campaign for WashU that I worked on with a group of other members. Our team reached out to multiple students, on-campus groups, and student health services during our initial research. Through this research we discovered a lack of awareness about how common mental health issues are on college campuses. During our conversations, we realized that one of the most underrepresented groups of affected students was the friends of people suffering from mental health illnesses. These people often act as the primary support team for those suffering and yet many do not know how to deal with those situations. As part of WashU’s Mental Health Awareness month, our campaign helped to promote the various events while engaging this new group of students through fact driven marketing.


Malt is a journal showcasing the creative activity of older adults in the St. Louis community, run by students at Washington University in St. Louis. Malt was created as a way to provide a creative outlet and a means of connection in the elderly community in St. Louis..